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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Red hot in bed

John Abrahamand Bipasha Basu’s ‘Red Hot Affair’ now gets a abode in the most recent copy of Filmfare magazine. The awning folio shows John Abraham lying besides Bipasha Basu. Bips looks hot in atramentous deficient night dress comatose on the aback of the bed and her thigh on John’s aback while John in topless apparent in the sleeping position.

Bips was attractive admirable with billowy beard but John was ailing shaved. They both looked hot on bed and their baking allure was revealing. That the brace allotment a actual abutting accord was absolutely visible. The June’s affair additionally promises Salman Khan’s transformation, Sonam Kapoor and Imran Khan in New Zealand cutting for ‘I Hate Luv Storys’. One would additionally get to apperceive Deepika Padukone’s hidden secret. The annual will additionally backpack an central news of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Guzarish’

So, afore the copy runs abbreviate in the market, grab the annual as it is out.

Compose in Commonwealth Games

Yet addition honour awaits our music ability A R Rahman. The Oscar-Grammy champ will accomplish alive at the countdown commemoration of the Commonwealth Games, one of the important all-embracing action events.

According to organising board administrator of Commonwealth Games Suresh Kalmadi, “Rahman has composed the affair song for the CWG and he will be assuming alive on the aperture day ceremony.”

He adds: “We will about absolution the song in beforehand because we appetite the accomplished amphitheater to sing forth back Rahman performs the song. It will be huge accident involving added Bollywood celebrities too.”

It may be recalled that the Mozart of Madras has performed at the admirable afterpiece of the Indian Premier League (IPL) at Mumbai. He had additionally composed a tune for the Champion League Twenty20 tournament. It’s not alone the blur makers who appetite to assignment with him, alike the antic bodies appetite to!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Now candid in sari for Katrina Kaif

Cricket is considered to be a gentlemen’s game, but Katrina Kaif defied all rules when she played the game in a sari on the sets of her new film ‘Raajneeti’.

During the shooting of the film, Katrina often joined Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor in a game of cricket.

When asked whether she was comfortable playing in a sari, the actress said: ‘I was quite comfortable in the sari. Anyone who wants to learn to play cricket in a sari can come to me.’

looking for a right KISS

Well, one may anticipate that aerated adorableness Genelia has accustomed to do a KISS arena in movie, but not so. ‘KISS’ is rather a affection which she is attractive in her activity partner. Can you amount out what she is adage guys…’KISS’ stands for ‘Keep It Simple Stupid.’.

Yes…Genelia doesn’t like six packs, twelve packs, bound tee shirts or adorned baggies. Whom she brand are ‘KISS’ animal beings who are able-bodied cut, appropriate clothes with apple-pie feel nails and of advance she wants him to be a acceptable dancer.

Has she begin any such in her activity time till now? May not be Riteish…

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nadhiya replaces Simran

Uma Maheshwaram blur is in the authoritative and Miss India Parvathy Omanakuttan is arena the changeable advance in the film. She has been active for this project, which will be directed by Nithin Ramakrishnan.

This cine is based on the abstraction if highlighting angelic ball Bharatanatyam, which is a masterpiece in classical literature. Parvathy will be donning the advance role of a adolescent dancer, who learns the classical ball and discloses the abundance of it. Director Nithin was in a chase for a additional changeable character, which is to abounding ample the role of the authority who teaches parvathy the accent and basics of bharatanatyam. They proposed the role to extra Simran. But the yester year’s extra accepted an animated amount, which was over the account of the film. So, they now accept accepted extra Nadhiya for the role. She is yet to assurance the agreement, but has bidding her alertness to act in “Uma Maheshwaram”. Extra Nadhiya has some ability in classical ball and so is apt for the role of a authority to Parvathy Omnakuttan.

Tamil cinema industry’s advance heroine

Tamil cinema industry’s advance heroine, Tamannah Bhatia is holidaying in America from the accomplished few days. She is forth with her parents and ancestors and is visiting her grandmother and her abutting ancestors in this season.

Tammu’s alone Telugu blur cutting has been adjourned to June and so, alabaster white adorableness Tamannah is active holidaying in United States of America. It is appear that Tamannah is on a arcade bacchanalia in New Jersey arcade malls and is acrimonious up annihilation and everything, which comes in her way.

The extra was not addicted of shopping, until, her American holiday. But now, she has angry into a shopoholic and is visiting every baby business enactment of fashionable clothes and accessories. Moreover, Tamannah Bhatia is additionally on an bistro spree, as she is a chargeless bird in America, as she has no celebrity cachet over there and is binging on Indian food, accessible over there. Her parents accept appear that that, she has gone berserk in America

There is account that Tamannah has put on 4 pounds of weight, in a few canicule time, which is alarming for her career.

Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori

Without doubt, Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori are two of the prettiest bodies you’re activity to see on screen.

Hrithik is awfully handsome and administrator Anurag Basu frames him in the tightest of bound close-ups. There is of advance the requisite ball arrangement and bald anatomy arena but alike in moments of anguish, Hrithik’s blue-green eyes are ablaze.

Barbara is admirable with absolute arrangement and a angry spirit. Together they are so beaming that the anatomy lights up back they are in it. Their crackling allure keeps Kites soaring.

Developed by Basu, from a news by Rakesh Roshan who has additionally produced the film, Kites is about Jai and Natasha, two adroit hustlers who are marrying into a affluent and barbarous Las Vegas ancestors absolutely for the money.

Of advance their gold-digging arrangement avalanche afar back they

fall in adulation with anniversary other. Basu builds this afraid accord beautifully.

They can’t allege anniversary others language—he doesn’t apperceive Spanish and she can’t allege English—but their smouldering looks are louder than words.

They apperceive their aisle is abounding with crisis but they can’t put the brakes on their desire. Inevitably the bad guys acquisition out and again the hunt begins.

Which is appealing abundant area Kites starts to falter. The weakest articulation in the blur is the villains, who assume like the NRI cousins of the Thakurs from Rakesh Roshan’s Karan Arjun.

The absolute ancestors is woefully underwritten and abominably enacted. At one point, the father, played by Kabir Bedi and the son, played by newcomer Nick Brown, are egging on Jai to annihilate a man.

They affably say: ‘Go get him’ and ‘You can do it.’ As a acceptable present into the family, the ancestor calmly Jai a fresh car and a gun. And did I acknowledgment that the daughter, whom Jai is assuming to love, is played by Kangna Ranaut, who is of advance Bollywood’s go-to babe for any mentally ambiguous character.

The additional bisected of Kites has way too abundant of the son who chases his fiancée and her fresh lover over stunningly abrupt fresh Mexico landscapes.

Meanwhile those two accept morphed into Bonnie and Clyde – they rob banks and abduct cars. And the artifice settles into a repetitive aeon of hunt scene—love-scene—chase scene.

There is one decidedly anemic action amid cops and compensation hunters, which feels like a larboard over from B-grade American television and an over- stylised acute action in the rain, which echoes Sam Mendes’ Road to Perdition.

This is a absolute shame. Kites is sumptuously produced, agilely crafted and in its own way, ambitious. The Roshans and Basu are aggravating to amplitude the boundaries of the Bollywood adulation story.

Hrithik Roshan is spectacular. And yet the blur doesn’t become added than the sum of its genitalia because the additional bisected is collapsed and in places, absolute foolish.

Still I acclaim that you see Kites. It’s far from ablaze or alike absolutely acceptable but it’s calmly one of the more good Bollywood films I’ve apparent this year.

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