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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nadhiya replaces Simran

Uma Maheshwaram blur is in the authoritative and Miss India Parvathy Omanakuttan is arena the changeable advance in the film. She has been active for this project, which will be directed by Nithin Ramakrishnan.

This cine is based on the abstraction if highlighting angelic ball Bharatanatyam, which is a masterpiece in classical literature. Parvathy will be donning the advance role of a adolescent dancer, who learns the classical ball and discloses the abundance of it. Director Nithin was in a chase for a additional changeable character, which is to abounding ample the role of the authority who teaches parvathy the accent and basics of bharatanatyam. They proposed the role to extra Simran. But the yester year’s extra accepted an animated amount, which was over the account of the film. So, they now accept accepted extra Nadhiya for the role. She is yet to assurance the agreement, but has bidding her alertness to act in “Uma Maheshwaram”. Extra Nadhiya has some ability in classical ball and so is apt for the role of a authority to Parvathy Omnakuttan.


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