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Friday, November 5, 2010

Rent Jungle

Hi friends, I am going to give important information about Houston apartments . This company was started in 2009; founders Jon Pastor and Rick Ferris decided to form a new company called Rent Jungle. The name of the company reflected the confusing environment for finding rental housing, and the mission of Rent Jungle to help apartment hunters and managers find the way through the online jungle of information and bring them together. Have many questions for you, these are the questions Rent Jungle can now answer for you. Through our new rental comp tool, they will let you know the average rent for your neighborhood. With a simple click, you can now find out the average rent for apartments by size and facilities, as well as the range of rents you can expect in a neighborhood. It comes in handy when renegotiating leases. Property owner can learn if they are charging too much or too low. This site given over 600,000 active listings, Rent Jungle has the largest list of apartments and rental housing in the United States. They at this time are finding active apartment and rental housing listings from over 7,000 different web sites. You’ve got a available apartment for rent, you can announce it here virtually automatically.

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