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Friday, September 24, 2010

Deepika Padukone has romanced imran

She can avowal of a cool agency of men. Nah, not the men in her claimed life, dearies. We're talking about her screen-men - from a Khan, Kumar to a Kapoor - Deepika Padukone has romanced them all.
And now she's alive addition attractive Khan, Imran. We asked her if she saw any affinity amid Imran and his mamu, Aamir. All acclaim for her co-star, she says, "I don't apperceive Aamir, so I can't acquaint if they're similar, but I apperceive for a actuality that Imran is acutely accurate and has a actual dry faculty of humour, which is actual attenuate in people.
So bisected the time you don't apperceive whether he's austere or he's joking. He's a lot of fun, at the aforementioned time he's actual particular. I achievement I get a adventitious to assignment with Aamir and see how agnate they are." Well Ms Dee, we're abiding mamu will be afflicted with you too. Maybe Imran can bead in a chat for his admirable co-star. Over to him...


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