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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Latest Trisha Interview

Trisha was asked about the differences amid Bollywood and Kollywood, as she had formed in both the industries. The extra said that admitting there is not abundant of a difference, one affair she noticed was the films’ promos. She appear that her Bollywood counterparts are actual acceptable at promos and resort to all-encompassing measures to accept their blur promoted. Trisha declared that in Bollywood, back a blur is complete, the aggregation makes immense affairs to accept it answer so that it alcove every alcove and corner. She adds that parties, absoluteness shows, ball shows on TV and columnist meets are some of means they use to advance a film.

The extra additionally acicular out that in Kollywood, every blur is kept beneath wraps with the aggregation not advice annihilation about the film. This generates concern amid the cine buffs and if the blur does not accommodated their expectations it turns out to be flop.


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