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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Find Retail Tenants

Hi friends here I am going to give some useful information about Retail Tenants. This site is a web-based retail tenant information service.Find Retail Tenants is subscription-based with someconsumers re-subscribing every year for over 10 years. Clients acquirement a username and secret code giving them admission to the data and services from anywhere they can get Internet connections. With the advice of, money-making real estate executives,, commercial and association developers, financial developments , Chambers of Commerce and University systems are able to locate retailers looking for development in their area. These customers are again able to make contact with the retailers’ leasing assembly by phone, fax, or email. They are giving some additional services like Additional Offices, Additional States, Graphic Design & Broadcast Services, Data Hosting For Broadcast Emails.This site Established in 1984 by Atlanta Broker, Harry Berchenko, DJ and Skye Wight purchased Retail Lease Trac in April 2005 from Harry’s daughter, Merle-Leigh Dobb. This site gives one of the feature contact managemeny system allows users to save and administer searches and templates as well as advertisement emails. The data is stored on our server acceptance saved searches and email templates to be accessed anywhere the Internet is available.

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